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  • Wayne: Cool! It is nice to have fun without getting bruised for a change!
  • Jaidyn banana: This is great I can’t wait to see what couple of bugs they fixed the game is great and I know...
  • jthrush: Thanks! We actually have a lot of fans playing the game from all over the world (shout out to Brazil and...
  • Tatt2ed13: This has to be the best game for a cell phone app.. looking forward to the ps4 version .. but , some of...
  • jthrush: I’ll contact you via email, expect a message from

Wild Earth

Wild Earth in the Classroom

Came across this school in the UK which is using our game “Wild Earth African Safari” for the Wii extensively in their classes, and even has blogs written by the students about their experiences with the game. That really makes the project workwhile!

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