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Far Gate

Far Gate was released in September 2001 and was Super X Studios’s first game project.  We built on existing conventions of the Real-Time Stretegy (RTS) genre, making the move to a full 3-dimensional battlefield.  With unique ship designs and great visuals, Far Gate took home the 2000 Independent Games Festival Audience Award and subsequently saw a worldwide release.

– James Thrush, President, Super X Studios

  • Winner of the 2000 Independent Games Festival Audience Choice Award
  • Dynamic 3D battlefield containing thousands of objects
  • Easy to use, innovative 3D Interface
  • Distinctive State-of-the-Art Visual Effects
  • Advanced Physics Engine for smooth, realistic motion
  • Cinematic single-player story with 16 missions across the galaxy
  • 2-4 player Multiplayer via LAN, modem, or Internet
  • 3 Unique Races, over 75 distinctive units





…Far Gate is a crowning achievement for a developer releasing its first title; the quality of this game could be easily compared to recent releases by larger publishers. Other than Homeworld, Far Gate is the only naval combat offering to make effective use of 3D space…
– The Adrenaline Vault

…Sierra’s Homeworld set the bar very high for 3D Space Real Time Strategy Games but the developers at Super X Studios looked at that bar and dismissed it out of hand…
– IntelGamer

…Of all the games we’ve covered in The Independents, Far Gate is the most polished product. While sitting down and playing the preview build, it was hard to see why this game couldn’t easily be from one of the big development houses…
– Daily Radar

…Far Gate’s engine and the graphics are top-notch, especially from an independant. The awards won by Super X were well deserved, as evidenced by the screenshots of the game…
– GameSpy

…Unit design throughout on all the species is superb and very very original. The 3 species are all very different and their respective units are not merely themed replicas of each other but actually totally differently functioning units…
– Barry’s World

…under all of those beautiful graphics and spectacular special effects there is a great time straining to get out. The 3D camera and control system is easy to get to grips with, and ordering your ships around is easy to achieve after a little practice in the opening tutorial mission…
– Euro Gamer

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