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  • jthrush: If you are creating a new account make sure you select “New Account”, then you can pick any...
  • pradeep: I downloaded this game today, when I try logging in, I can’t!!! :( . it says ” username or...
  • jthrush: Usually this is due to a temporary connection error. I just checked and the purchasing system seems to be...
  • Brinkster: I am trying to buy gold coins, but am getting an error messaging repeatedly saying it cannot connect to...
  • jthrush: You can earn gold through Tapjoy by going to the Store and clicking the “Get Free Coins” button.

Fields of Battle is out on iOS

Fields of Battle
It’s been a busy summer, and Fields of Battle is out for all iPhones, iPads, and iPods now! The response has been spectacular, over a MILLION downloads in just a few weeks, and a solid 4 1/2 star rating (out of 5) for the current version. Lots more features coming soon, including chat, team building, social integration, and of course ANDROID.

Check it out for FREE on iTunes at:″


  • Zac says:

    Great game and have not played another game like it but HOW DO YOU GET GOLD COINS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jthrush says:

      Currently you can only get gold coins by purchasing them, however we are looking at other ways for players to earn gold coins and welcome your feedback. Free-to-play is a new gaming model for us so apologies if things are a little rough around the edges on our first try!

  • Sether1213 says:

    I ran out of money and now I can’t play the game help!

  • James Thrush says:

    If you need more silver coins you can either purchase them in the store or create a new account. We’re looking at a better solution for this.

  • Daniel Alamo says:

    How and where do I redeem my gold coins?!?

    • jthrush says:

      You can redeem your gold coins for gear and outfits in the Gear and Outfit tabs. Some gear is purchased with silver coins, some with gold coins. Gear and outfits are unlocked as you advance in level, and you can see how close you are to the next level in the main menu by the numbers under the LEVEL indicator. The first number is your current XP (experience) and the second number is the amount of XP you need to reach the next level. You get 1 XP for each elimination, plus bonuses for bonus multipliers.

      • Daniel Alamo says:

        No, I’m sorry. I mean where on this page I can redeem my free coins. Greg gave me a card that has a code for free coins. It says go to to redeem the coins. So where do I go and put the code for the coins?

  • Thanachon says:

    No, I’m sorry. I mean where on this page I can redeem my free coins. Greg gave me a card that has a code for free coins. It says go to to redeem the coins. So where do I go and put the code for the coins?

  • Shahril says:

    My silver coin is many… Please create the silver coin to gold coin.. I want to buy item gold coin… Thanks…

  • killer347m says:

    Keeps saying unable to connect to store. Have 2 acccounts. Cant buy paint for either of them.

    • jthrush says:

      Hmm, sounds like a problem with the Google Play store or perhaps with your Google Play account. You should check that you are on a good connection (wifi is better but 3G/4G should work too) and make sure you are able to log into the Google Play app with your Google account and download apps.

  • Raptor says:

    Add more markers and masks to the game! I use a luxe in paintball and wear dye i4s so I want to deck out my character on how I look in real life! Would be extremely kickass and I’d be more than happy to buy this game for top dollar! ($20)

  • JVMatthews says:

    Great game! I was think of a good idea that I want to share with you guys! A torment series. So their will be 4 divisions pro, d1 d2 d3. There will be 5 events. Mon-we’d practice on field layout. Thu-fri prelims sat semifinals sun finals. Pro division will have ten teams d1 15 d2 20 d3 open. The scores will be by how many kills the person gets no respawns. And the score will be counted. The kills will be added up with wins points scored and given up to see if they move on.

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