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  • viral541: There’s no leaderboards at all.. And to make the game much more appealing ide say add a...
  • viral541: This game is great! Would love leaderboards as spoken befour, but as well as PLAYER GAMERTAGS to show...
  • Wayne: Cool! It is nice to have fun without getting bruised for a change!
  • Jaidyn banana: This is great I can’t wait to see what couple of bugs they fixed the game is great and I know...
  • jthrush: Thanks! We actually have a lot of fans playing the game from all over the world (shout out to Brazil and...

Fields of Battle : Friday Night Fights

Going on RIGHT NOW and EVERY FRIDAY!!! Compete with millions of players around the globe to win weekly and monthly prizes plus a chance at a $5,000 grand prize. Download the FREE Fields of Battle app on your iOS or Android mobile device then check out this link for more details.


  • carlo says:

    Dis game is fun

  • carlo says:

    Dis game is the best game in the world

  • mauricio says:

    Muy bueno el juego (y)

  • Reuben says:

    How do you check the leader board?

  • даня says:

    Я хочу играть я пытаюсь зарегаца но у меня не получаечтся

  • zoe hood says:

    My name in the game is kinghallkop i love this game i am like an expert plz do leaderboard

  • Max says:

    one code for ten dollars is YFKDTEBB another for the same amount is JABJRHXF for this game for coins and ammo i guess….

  • Dennis minch says:

    what’s going on with fields of battle mobile? i can’t log in anymore. say error 404 can’t connect with server

    • jthrush says:

      We had a server hardware failure today and are restoring it right now. It should be back up and running by tomorrow, Monday March 2, 2015. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • ShadowAssassin says:

    Love this game and am pretty high up but I have one question; what else (besides the racomre grand prize) can you win? (That is if there re is anything else besides coins lol) Btw, the name on the game is Deadpool521 so y’all probably see me around;)

  • pradeep says:

    I downloaded this game today, when I try logging in, I can’t!!! :( . it says ” username or password is incorrect ” no matter how many times I try. And im sure I gave correct info.
    Please help.

  • Brooks says:

    I am having the same issue. I was logged out and the. When I tried to log back in it says my username/password is incorrect. I even tried resetting my password and I reviewed no email to reset it.

    • jthrush says:

      We’re currently experiencing a problem with our server where the password reset emails can take a long time to deliver (up to a day). Very sorry for this inconvenience and we’re trying to resolve it. Don’t submit a password reset request more than once as every time you do it will reset the password. Eventually the password reset email will reach you, be sure to check your spam folders as well.

  • Alexis martinez says:

    how can i sign up someone please link me

  • Gamotua says:

    Loving this game. It could really use a campaign to get new life into it. Since finding it I’m telling everyone. FoB2. That’s the jam. Hook it up. The nvidia shield was made for this game. 👍

  • Supertogo says:

    Outdated XD no 5000$ prize now, but the new prizes are awesome too!

  • Tatt2ed13 says:

    This has to be the best game for a cell phone app.. looking forward to the ps4 version .. but , some of these comments.. I guess I’m a Grammer nazi. The words and spelling. Seems some need to pay attention in school lol.. welp, curious to see how my first go at the Friday night Fights goes .. Again well done to the whole team involved in making this game . Amszing job.. every since I’ve injured my back, this brings back so great memories … miss that adrenaline rush .. the gang .

    • jthrush says:

      Thanks! We actually have a lot of fans playing the game from all over the world (shout out to Brazil and Russia!), for many English is not their first language. We’re hard at work on the next game, I hope you like it even better!

  • viral541 says:

    This game is great! Would love leaderboards as spoken befour, but as well as PLAYER GAMERTAGS to show who’s who!!!!

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