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  • Joshua: :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) the game is cool
  • jthrush: If you lost any items or coins just contact us at and let us know your username...
  • RKR33P3R: But I won’t get all of my stuff back and I already spent over 8000 coins
  • jthrush: True, you can see the full rules and prizes at: /fnf.html
  • Supertogo: Outdated XD no 5000$ prize now, but the new prizes are awesome too!

Join the Greg Hastings Paintball for iOS Beta

Ready for the next evolution of Greg Hastings Paintball? Want to be a part of it? Beta testing is about to begin for the very first iOS Greg Hastings Paintball game, and you can get in on it! All you need is an iOS device (iPhone3GS or later, any iPad, or an iPod Touch Gen 3 or later), and a willingness to put some time into playing and giving us feedback. Beta spots are limited, so let us know what makes you a great beta tester!

To apply by Monday, Oct 8 just visit and fill out your details. Please make sure all details are accurate, as the selection process will begin immediately following the close date!


  • Yorder says:

    well for starters palnbtalis hurt alot more then airsoft, paintball hurt alot more if the balls dont break but when they do the shell breaking cushions the hit and once you get that adrenaline running after a few shots they wont hurt as much but just in case get a neck protector. i got shot once in the neck and i didnt like it!

  • Omarello says:

    Best game in the world

  • Wiping is actually a big thing in competitive paintball. Makes sense they’d put it in the game even though it is cheating. A lot of times in a competition or even local play people will get shot in the chest or leg, then purposefully dive and slide into cover behind the snake (A big long snake-like air tube usually running down the center line of the field) to wipe the paint off on the grass or dirt. I’m rather surprised that the first one did well enough to warrant a sequel though.

  • BlackWatch says:

    You should make an airsoft game. Just saying

  • DiabloRios says:

    I have been playing the game and I love the graphics and all. It starts to bug after u start playing 10 games in a row. I’m using the iPad which is a very good platform. If you guys need to beta test it on a Android hit me up. The only to get rid of the lag after the 10 games is you have to force close the game. Even the aiming controller seems to be gone, yesterday I had the issue with the movement controller. Like I said in order to get rid of all the cache you have to hard close the game.

    • jthrush says:

      Thanks for letting us know about that, we’ll take a look and try to fix it. And yes, the Android beta will be starting soon, we’ll be announcing signups in just a few weeks!

  • Greg Hastings PB says:

    I love this game and would enjoy more unlocks and gear/outfit items in the future. The ability to earn Gold Coins for free should be added to as half of the stuff must be bought with Gold Coins instead of Silver Coins. The grenades should also be available in Silver Coins. The controls and graphics are both very significant and I would recommend this game to my friends. I play it on my iPod Touch 5th Generation and there is no lag or bugs. In the future I can see this being a must have for children, teenagers, and adults who have an apple or android device. And my name is my account, I am not Greg Hastings but all my normal account names were taken so I just named it aftert the game itself so yeah.

  • silver price says:

    You can adjust the gyroscope sensitivity in the settings, and it should be second nature quickly. Unfortunately, though, if you have the following devices it may be harder as Apple didn’t include the Gyroscope until later in production. Devices without gyroscope controls: iPad (1st generation), iPod (1st/2nd/3rd generation) or iPhone (3GS or older) Without the gyroscope you have to use dual analog stick style, and with the fire button too it can be tougher as we can’t really do anything about that. With the gyro, though, it’s pretty easy if you dial in the sensitivity to your liking.

  • get smart says:

    Oh nice. Forgot they were making this. Greg Hasting himself was assigning beta testers last year on the gaming forum for this.

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